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 UWFL Season 3 Pre-Week Match: 8th ID Pathfinders v.s 1st ID Big Red Ones

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¤ÐV8¤™ ๖ۣۜAlex »Co-Ldr«

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PostSubject: UWFL Season 3 Pre-Week Match: 8th ID Pathfinders v.s 1st ID Big Red Ones   Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:57 am

Like a Star @ heaven Hello im your weekly reporter Alex here with the UWFL Cool S3: Pre-Week Playoff Match w/ the Pathfinders and the Big Red Ones! What a Face

alien Match One confused

When the match started the Pathfinders No were all in position w/ Muewseen in the Sniper house and w/ 8 of the Pathfinders men by the tank while the rest went inside house setting up barcades ready for the Assault from the Germans to start. clown The German Big Red Ones rushed down the streat firing rockets and launching grenades cherry and firing bullets! The Pathfinders got the barcaded drunken men and headed down the street to get the tank. About 7 albino germans were killed but the rest threw grenades and distracted the Allied pathfinders of the 8th ID and while they were destracted the German Sniper shot and killed the Pathfinders & the Big Red Ones won Match One. Sleep

sunny Match Two Suspect

Match Two started and the allies just camped at the last flag while the germans ran down the street getting the other flags.. the german big red ones had 9 rocket launcher men & 7 grenader rifle men and 2 machine gunners so they finished up the match quickly and won Match 2!

cat Match 3 lol!

Starts 11/7/10 at 11:30 pm!

Basketball SCOREBOARD pale
8th ID Pathfinders: 0 affraid
1st ID Big Red Ones: 2 santa
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UWFL Season 3 Pre-Week Match: 8th ID Pathfinders v.s 1st ID Big Red Ones
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