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 Relocating Part One "World of Warcraft Story"

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PostSubject: Relocating Part One "World of Warcraft Story"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:22 am

In the rich popular Kingdom of the Alliance in World of Warcraft the king himself was relocating to a safer Paradise. The horde attack all day all night and the Kings Forces always fight but the Horde broke in and took the Kings gold. They did'nt get the king because he ran like hell but soon he relocated. On the day of relocation he was in his "Fancy Smanshy" cavalry wagon. When the horde saw them relocating to a safer existance in the Woodland Territory they attacked. They killed the gaurds practicly slaughtered them. And the King was only knocked out. They soon killed him and Hell Broke Loose.

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Relocating Part One "World of Warcraft Story"
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