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 Alex Chats 1 "Funny Jokes and Stories"

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¤ÐV8¤™ ๖ۣۜAlex »Co-Ldr«

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PostSubject: Alex Chats 1 "Funny Jokes and Stories"   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:15 am

Hey guys its Alex and the topic of the Week is Vampires.

Yeah vampires in Twilight and stuff well vampires dont drink water the drink blood so do they PEE BLOOD? Who knows maybe my mom pees blood ok talking about this makes me scared Grandma can I sleep with you. Grandma: **** OFF YOU ***** drunken yeah that did'nt happen ever but seriously this is freaky like do vampires even have Penises? Who knows maybe god has the smallest penis out of all of us wait WTH lol im getting kinda tired Sleep and jumpy bounce and SMILEY also below is a joke too.

PENIS Arrow affraid

One of the most embaressing moments in my life was when my mom made me dress up like a gay retarded power ranger on halloween yeah and if mom your seeing this I wanna say I always hated you just kidding "Mom I love you like old people love FRIED CHICKEN ya big belly-flopping WOMAN YEAH!

Ok I just realized that what I said a minute ago was really GAY OR WEIRD. MOM I STILL LOVE YOU LOL..

jocolor See the funtacular link below!


We are all ova the INERNET!

Peace out guys I love you just kidding im not gay but PEACE OUT!

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Alex Chats 1 "Funny Jokes and Stories"
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