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 Alex and the Jacknife Cronicles: Chapter 1, Spoiled Plans

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Should I continue this Series of Alex and the Jacknive Chronicles?
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PostSubject: Alex and the Jacknife Cronicles: Chapter 1, Spoiled Plans   Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:08 am

Alex was a CIA agent in Washington DC, he was back in the old days but those days were dangerouser than theese days do you remember Vietnam 9/11? Well if you do thats as worst as this story. Alex was on a mission to kill a bad guy located in Seattle in a Apartment he sold drugs and murdered woman he was Alex's worst enemmy not just because he was strong and bad but he killed Alexs mother when he was 5 after that Alex wandered the streets alone he was now 29 and was out for revenge. From age to age more pain ached through Alexander's memories jacknive was out for him he was'nt called jacknive for nothing he stabbed alex in the back before but Alex lived Jacknive was close by to where Alex was. 1st Platoon flanked Jacknive but soon they were all dead no one knows how he just walks while they just fall and die. Unfortunatly Alex does know why its just a holograph of Jack he was behind them stabbing them while he was invisible with his supercoat, but Alex soon got closer he flanked him but Jack knocked him out.. Soon Alex woked up while "Sam" his freind also known as Samtrat was defending him from a group of Centaurs that Jack sommoned even if its a fairytale creature he has powers. One big centaur came up and knocked down same soon Alex got up and Stabbed the Centaur and fought the others Are you crazy?? said Sam No said Alex as he fought the centaurs but soon jackknive was nearby and sommoned a herd of them. Sam and Alex ran like crazy.. jacknive throws bolts of lightning at them with is powers while Alex and Sam ran like hell. Crap! said Jacknive man I hate them spoiling my plays to execut Barack Obama! After the herd of Centaurs got hit by a huge bus of the elderly Sam and Alex hang out at the bar and got drunk... drunken
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Alex and the Jacknife Cronicles: Chapter 1, Spoiled Plans
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