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 Alex Chats Extra / Scary Santa Claus "Christmas Song" + Ryhmes!

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¤ÐV8¤™ ๖ۣۜAlex »Co-Ldr«

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PostSubject: Alex Chats Extra / Scary Santa Claus "Christmas Song" + Ryhmes!   Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:20 am

This is a little song called "Scary Santa Clause" if you haven't heard of it this is how it goes. santa

Theres something creepy about christmas santa that happens at night somtimes kids get into a big little bloody fights Evil or Very Mad because there scared of Santa Claus. His name is a lie he lives on the beach he has big claws and he will get you in your sleep. Sleep First when he attacks he goes for the feet! Twisted Evil So wear your shoes and be prepared because Santa rendeer will try to make you SCARED! His real name is Sandy Claws he lives on the beach and when he attacks he goes for the feet. He lives in the sand and on christmas EVE he rises from the sand and HE sharpens his claws soon he goes to your house and he says HA HA HA instead of HO HO HO he is creepy little scary santa and his Reindeers rendeer are tough soon he will try to sink his teeth in your throut for blood so be prepared to face that man with the BEARD!!!!!!! affraid
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Alex Chats Extra / Scary Santa Claus "Christmas Song" + Ryhmes!
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