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 Alex and the Jacknife Cronicles: Chapter 3, The Gang All Rolls In!

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PostSubject: Alex and the Jacknife Cronicles: Chapter 3, The Gang All Rolls In!   Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:19 am

After Sam and Alex got kicked out of Bob's Bar, they met up with the rest of the Gang down by the Police Station. When Sam and Alex got to the Police Station the station was busted! Apparently Jack must of been here thought Sam and Alex thought the Same. Hey Alex Hey Sam you go first said Sam Ok Jack must of been here said Alex. Hey thats what I was gonna say to do you read minds? Maybe said Alex acting all like darn smartypants. Then they saw a wounded police man crawl out of one of the Police Stations rooms and they gasped. There over by the President said the Wounded Officer. Alex and Sam went to the White House and Sam was shot. Sam screamed Alex. Alex turned around and saw Jack with a rusty old shotgun but he had new armor and more powers! He shot Alex and carried Sam and Alex's dead bodies to the dumpster. This all ends here says Jack. Then Jack was knocked out my Sam's girlfreind krista. And Krista was by Alex's girlfreind Krista 2, somtimes they got mixed up with names but they always seemed to find eachother. But more trouble came "Agent Dexter" a agent that petrade his Squad Leader Sgt. Wilson was behind the 2 girls and he was working for Jack usally. Behind you screamed Sam! Dexter gasped. Hes on our side now said Krista #1. Oh said Sam. Sam grabbed Alex and alex woke up and said "What the Hell Happened?" Oh frick Dexter screeched Alex. Then Sam knocked out Alex and set him on a chair in there Apartment room he tied Alexs hands on the back. Then woke him up AHHH its dexter screamed Alex its ok said Sam. Oh said Alex. Wait why am I tied up you BUB!
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Alex and the Jacknife Cronicles: Chapter 3, The Gang All Rolls In!
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